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LilDemonsSplatter wp7 free game windows phone games wp7 download

Download LilDemonsSplatter wp7 game windows phone games wp7 to your mobile for free, last updated 12-09-2012
Title: LilDemonsSplatter wp7 game
Category: shooting fighting Game
Info: xap | 13312k
Developer: Matt Mitman
From: windowsphone
Download ID: 5 52566

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ver 1.3

The hit XBox FPS, now on your phone!

Kill the demons, absorb their blood for powerups!

Lil' Demons: Splatter includes three distinct gametypes: Wave Survival pits you against the endless hoards, King of the Hill is a non-stop race to control the map, and Knockoff does away with the traditional concept of health, requiring you to just avoid being, well, knocked off.

Why kill demons you ask? Why, because they're filled with powerupy goodness! Much like a pi?ata, when a lil' demon is killed, they pop and spread gooey powerup splatters around. Run around collecting their blood to charge up your powerups!

Lil' Demons: Splatter is the ultimate in proof that fun and destruction does not rely upon the size of the enemy!


fixed some crash bugs on start and during gameplay


Added Thumbstick and Accelerometer aiming choices (change in options screen)

Slowed demons down slightly

Added Message of the Day (or whatever timeframe I update it at) to the Main Menu

Clicking Ad hides it for a few minutes

v1.1: FIXED the screen flicker. Sorry about that guys, had left some debug code in accidentally

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