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Zombie Infection 2 176x208 free game Java 176x208 games Java 176x220 games download

Download Zombie Infection 2 176x208 game Java 176x208 games Java 176x220 games to your mobile for free, last updated 03-01-2016
Title: Zombie Infection 2 176x208 game
Category: action adventure Game
Info: jar | 266k
From: maggie_bb
Download ID: 5 38298

There’s no end in sight as the Zombie Infection continues its destructive path across continents. Now, three brave souls must work together as they venture deep into the Brazilian jungle, mines, a secret lab and more to root out the source of the disease. Survive zombie attacks on a scale never seen before, including infected bats, sharks and other abominations. Use stealth and cunning or utilize new weapons including a flamethrower, grenades or melee weapons to keep the dead at bay, and even jump inside a speedboat for dramatic escapes.

* 3 playable characters, each providing different gameplay experiences
* Polished graphics with impressive new effects including explosions
* A wide range of weapons including a flamethrower, grenades, guns, spears, a zapper and more
* Various enemies including human zombies, hunters, infected bats and even a giant zombie
* Journey through South American villages, jungles, a diamond mine, tanker, laboratory and more
* New gameplay & action: Man a truck-mounted gun turret and pilot a speed boat for daring escapes

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