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Stratego 240x320 free game Java 240x320 games download

Download Stratego 240x320 game Java 240x320 games to your mobile for free, last updated 31-12-2015
Title: Stratego 240x320 game
Category: card board Game
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Capture the enemy flag, having built a unique combination of units on the battlefield. The main thing to remember in any order of any standing unit opponent, so he cracked the protection of their own strong blows. However, no hurry, there is time to think. This java game captures for Whole days and week or! Mobile changed the board game Stratego - a unique mixture of strategy and puzzle, chess and war games. In essence, java game is not far to the genre That way called "war-game" - subspecies of turn-based strategy with an unprecedentedly large number of options. This is the true test for all the generals and judges think! Do you have an army of 40 military units of different rank.

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