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Pokemon War 240x320 free game Java 240x320 games download

Download Pokemon War 240x320 game Java 240x320 games to your mobile for free, last updated 16-02-2016
Title: Pokemon War 240x320 game
Category: shooting fighting Game
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The game progresses as a normal game of war, meaning the winner of each round keeps the cards from that round. Once a hand is over, both players pull one card from the draw pile; players should have 5 cards at all time. Once the draw pile is depleted, players keep playing from their hand until there are no cards left. In the case of a draw (meaning both players roll the same number after counting advantages), then the cards from that hand are put aside "on hold". The winner of the next hand will win the cards from that hand, plus the "on hold" cards.

At the end of the game, whoever has the most cards wins. Now, due to the number of cards, it is possible to have a tie. In that case, with their deck of cards face down, each player pulls out one card and puts it face down on the table. Then both players flip it over, and they battle as usual. The player who wins wins the game. You can avoid this by upping the deck to 32 Pokemon cards with the 2 wild cards for 34 cards total (we prefer to have a easy-to-remember number of 30 Pokemon cards, which is why we did it this way).


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